Children learn language best by experiencing it naturally, by being immersed in it. Our program environment supports optimal Spanish  language learning by tying language to a broad range of day-to-day activities. Children learn all  skills and activities, from Practical Life to Sensorial, from language to math, and thus naturally acquire a broad vocabulary in their new second language.
We believe young children develop to their fullest potential when they are allowed to enjoy life and unhurried peace. Our program focuses on imagination and creative work and play.
Exposure to another language, through immersion provides cultural competency and sensitivity to others. Language immersion takes advantage of a child’s natural ability to rapidly acquire another language. At no time in life is this task easier than in early childhood.
Our students come from all over the world with many life experiences and the desire to master another language. We use the latest methods and technology to help all of our students achieve language proficiency.

Our curriculum offers interesting topics and exercises so each class experience is enjoyable. We also use a variety of methods and materials to address different learning styles and abilities.

We want children have the best possible language learning experience. Our comfortable classrooms, up-to-date materials and equipment, and excellent teachers are all essential elements in giving children the best language learning opportunities available.