Who We Are?

Children's Academy of Seattle is an immersion spanish educational center.

Our program provides the opportunity to feel safe in a nurturing, respectful environment. In addition to learning to speak, read and write in  spanish language, students also gain:

The opportunity to build a solid fundation for academic success.

The opportunity to develop exceptional congnitive and competency and creativity.

Our staff of native spanish speaking teachers and assistants: speak to children in spanish, only switching to english if there is a safety or discipline issue that needs to be addressed. Our immersion philosophy provides the most consistent results in language acquisition.


We are part of Early Head Start a federally funded community-based program.
As a part of this program we provide comprehensive services that benefit children, families and teachers, including:
  • Healt, developmental and behavioral screenings
  • Hiegher health, safety and nutrition standars
  • Increased professional development opportunities for teachers
  • Increased parent engagement opportunities
Please feel free to contact us for elegibility.